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Microsoft office 2019 product key is the perfect route for the activation of Microsoft’s product. Many of the computer users having Microsoft office in their computer passes their each day with the anxiety for the activation of Microsoft office 2019. This Microsoft office 2019 activetor is the update version of Microsoft office 2013. Microsoft office is the popular software for the documentation from the very beginning of the word processing through the computer device. In this present time most of our daily works can be done through the computer on an easy process. The official or professional works can also be done through the computer and the computer application. This Microsoft office 2019 releases from the world renowned software developer company Microsoft Corporation. This institution is familiar and trusted one for the activation of Microsoft office.

What is the activation of Microsoft office and why we need it?

The activation for the Microsoft office is the common terms among the Microsoft office user. The term activation means the licensing or reactivating the existing program. This software from Microsoft Corporation is not free of cost for all users. The paid version requires high amount of payment. This high amount for the paid version is not always possible for all types of users. The computer users those who don’t have the ability to purchase the paid version of this software they try with the free version that has a limited validity of working period.  Once the working period of this software expired then it requires the reactivation through the proper key for the full functioning of this software.

How the activation works for?

The activation process of this Microsoft office 2019 requires the activation through the original product key that represents the validity of this product. The product key always shows the origin of the product. When a company release a product the only the product key is the sign for the identification of the product. When software installed in a computer then during the installation process it connects to the server of the developer and once it gets the green signal from the developer server then it proceeds for proper installation.  The developer server proceeds only when the valid product key is given to the server that provided from the developer. Thus there is a great importance of product key of software for proper installation with full performance.

The Microsoft office 2019 product key is the set of only 25 special characters that gives the identity of the product that it is from the Microsoft Corporation. Once this product key is given during the installation then it can be installed correctly with full efficiency. The recent version of Microsoft office 2019 overcomes the limitation in the previous version MS office 2013. The new additional features in this recent version of Microsoft office 2019 make a revolutionary change in the documentation program. The special and easy features of Microsoft office 2019 makes it unique from the other available software of the same purpose.

The software package available in Microsoft office 2019:

Microsoft excel: this is the largest spreadsheet analysis program available in MS office package. It is the popular one from data manipulating, making a chart, graph, repeating calculation and so other objectives.

Microsoft power point: this is the first choice for the multimedia representation of any works plan and design. Where there are something creative then there is the perfect tools for representation is the MS power point. One can make a multimedia presentation through this with audio, video, image, text and animation.

Microsoft word: the most popular documentation software is MS word. The official and professional or personal typing and compose, editing, file creation can be done through this software.

Except those the Microsoft access is used for the database management, Microsoft one note is used note taking, the Microsoft publisher is basically used for design purpose, Microsoft outlook is used for the private information supervisor, Skype for business is the best platform for the communication, and  the Microsoft projects is used to manage the different projects connected with its.

Top 10 features of Microsoft office 2019:

  1. It contains additional ribbon button.
  2. It has improved connection option with enhanced collaboration mention.
  3. The new icon in it is improved.
  4. It doesn’t create any issue while processing.
  5. You can publish to through this software.
  6. The publish facility to power BI is also available here.
  7. The text highlighter option is available here that is suggested by the researcher.
  8. It contains multiple numbers of themes.
  9. The Zooming option is available in power point.
  10. All programs can be activated at the same time including MS word, excel and power point.

How to install this popular software to your computer:

If you purchase this software from the authority then you may have the physical box or card with the product key. In the case of online purchasing you will get the product key or activation key in a CD key or serial key file. If you got the product key then you may follow the following instruction given here.

  • Go to the set up file for the installation of Microsoft office 2019.
  • Place the CD key or product key in the required filed before starts the installation.
  • Wait till the installation process complete.
  • Once the installation complete then your software is ready to serve you.

If you don’t purchase the software and you have an existing account of Microsoft office then please log in with your email and password. Select your country where you live and then select your prefer language and click on continue button. You will find my account page and then select the installation button.  In the case of reinstall or activation you will ask for the product key. If you enter the product key then your software is activated successfully.

How to activate the office 2019 using the product key:

  • First of all download the Microsoft office 2019 standard and pro plus.
  • Install this software in your computer correctly.
  • Complete the installation process step by step.
  • Disconnect the internet connection.
  • Use any of the key available here.
  • While the process complete it’s finally done!
  • Now you can enjoy the full version.

Here I added some most frequently asked questions as that you can overcome your confusion:

How can I pay for this?

  • For the online purchasing the payment method is a great factor. The payment method should be easy and reliable. Generally we accept the payment for this through pay pack.
  • For how many computers this key can be use?
  • You cannot use a single set of product key for more computer. it is only valid for a single computer.
  • Can I use this key if my computer is crashed or re installs the office?
  • Obviously you can use this product key for your personal computer. In any time you will be able to reactivate the software program.

Can I able to get the technical assistance?

Here we can help you to download install and activate the software that you ordered. But we are not enabling to coach you how to utilize this product or purchasing the product.

Thus by considering all the discussion hope you will get this software for the activation from here. Thanks in advance for visiting our site.


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